According to research, anxiety is a normal emotion that helps individuals to cope with stress . It is also known as fear or apprehension of something with an uncertain outcome. Anxiety that lasts over six months is considered anxiety disorders by medical professionals and they advise that the individual should seek medical help. However, the word of God lets us know that we should not be anxious for anything rather we should make our request known to God through prayer and supplication. Include scripture here. I use to feel anxious especially when I did not know  how something was going to turn out or how to someone was going to respond to me. I also used to feel anxious when I was about to do something new or go somewhere new but the anxiety disorders not last for long. When I became a believer and came across the scripture that tells us not be anxious about anything but rather that we should make our request known to God through prayer and supplication, I began to do that and the anxiety would go away and it would be replaced with peace because God would often reassure me of the outcome. So what I was uncertain about, would now have a certain outcome  . I talk more about this issue in my book take off the mask be you stop pretending which will soon be available for purchase from my online stores one of which is found on my website www 

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