Tote magazine Abuse and neglect

Many children suffer abuse both inflicted by parents, siblings, relatives or strangers. Often times it is people who we do not expect to be abusers are the ones who end up carrying out the act of abuse. Both girls and boys experience abuse. However, society has always focused on the abuse of girls and overlooked the abuse of boys. It is now that the boy's who were abused that are sharing their stories as men. The different types of abuse. Sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse and neglect. Abuse and neglect is the root of the pervasion we see in families today and also the root of the trauma we see in those who are treated for mental illness such as pstd. Some have become promiscuise as a result of sexual abuse which most often is molestation by family members or siblings who were also abused. Some go on to become homosexuals because their view of sexuality was distorted by the experience of abuse. Abuse if not dealt with, it spirals down from generation to generation. I believe that is why God wants to begin to deliver people from its effects and to begin to lay a new foundation in the lives of people within communities. Abuse occur in educational settings, church, home. We need to be aware of the people around our children and we need to be able to communicate to our children what is appropriate and what is not appropriate. We also need to create safe place for them to be able to speak about what has happened to them without being upset with them or making them feel like it is their fault. There are policies in place in the UK to help professionals to deal with the issue of abuse towards children in their care (Child protection) however, some children still experience abuse at the hands of professionals too at times. We have heard of children being abused and neglected by Foster carers who are regulated by ofsted with the policies to govern their work. We have seen it reported about school teachers abusing pupils who are in their care. 

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