so I heard the LORD say break forth a view weeks ago and I looked up the meaning because I am only used to hearing break through. So as I heard it and looked up the meaning of the word, I began to pray that God would give me a revelation and understanding of what breaking forth means. That night a had a dream type vision where I saw myself and another person who I know walking and she began to tell me what kind of ministry she does and I knew what it was she was saying. Then we walked into what looked like a shopping centre and she had a pop up shop in that building. There where lots of people shopping and I told her that I wanted a bag that she was selling and that I was going to get my money sorted out for it. I then walked out of the building and I met a woman with her husband. It felt in the dream as though she had just given birth. I told her that I had seen her son and that he was beautiful. We then started to walk together but she was weak. We got on top of a mountain and 

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