The persecuted church

Persecution is part and parcel of being a follower of Jesus Christ and we see this throughout the word of God (Bible). I remember when God laid it on my heart to pray for the persecuted Church. I did not know much apart from the fact that some end up loosing their lives. We see this in Nigeria and Iraq. As I got to find out more about the persecuted Church, I found that in some countries, Christians are put in prison and tortured because of their faith. Then when I had a vision of isis attacking believers in the UK, I knew that the Body of christ in the UK, needed to start praying against this issue otherwise we will find ourselves under persecution also unawares. However, recently I come to understand that the persecution of believers in the UK has already began to happen with people having to resign from their jobs. I recently experienced the same thing when i got detained in the mental hospital and a social worker told me that Christians who are caught preaching the Gospel in the streets are put in the mental hospital which was my case. Now one of the reasons of the persecution of the body of Christ is the spirit of the anti Christ. This spirit does not just deny Jesus Christ being the son of God, it also resists the advancement of the Kingdom of God in the earth. That is why persecuted churches are not allowed to share their faith in public, in their own homes or even within the work environment. However, we need to pray about the protection of God's people but also continue being bold enough to share the Gospel as the Holy Spirit leads us to do so and with who He leads us to. TO BE CONTINUED

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