First time mum - birth experience

When I was in labour with my daughter, I was at home and for some reason I just knew that the labour process had started. I spent the day doing various activities around the house. Such as cleaning, ironing and getting my last minute hospital things prepared. I had my cousin and her husband come over for a few hours which was nice but then they left. That is when the labour intensified. I run some water in the bath and sat in it for a while which helped to relieve the pain a bit. Then I had beddings on the floor plus towel to sit on and I was too scared to wee in the toilet, so I just did it on the beddings (I guess I had watched too many birthing scenarios). I finally called the hospital and then they advice me to call the ambulance if labour gets worse. It did get worse by seven in the morning and I was rushed in. I then had my daughters God mother come into the hospital and my daughters dad joined us after words. I was given food to eat which did not stay down. I was shouting and pulling out my hair literally because of the pain. I had only glass and air for pain relieve which I got drunk on and those two were taking the meek out of me because of the nonsense I was saying as a result of it. I ended up pooing myself and having a graze down below but apart from that everything went well. I gave birth that day at 3.45 in the afternoon but spent a few days in the hospital as my iron level was low and I needed extra medical attention. We were given food etc by the hospital plus I had extra snacks which I had packed and extra clothes too. Check the hospital bag shopping list for what to pack.

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