So I often wondered why people who often seemed like they had it all together come to me for help and I did not think I even had enough to give them. However it turned out that I was doing a lot better than them. Well I have come to learn that not everyone who looks like they have money on the outside actually have a lot but rather that the real wealthy people do not even look wealthy. I was recently afforded the opportunity to live with a real entrepreneur and came into the company of her friends who are equally wealthy. I found out to my shock that the poor are actually deceived to think that the more they earn, the more they should spend whilst the rich actually keep there money and spend only a small percentage, save a lot of it and invest some to acquire more wealth. That is when I realised that I was on the right track but I still had a lot to tweak in my lifestyle as I was a high consumer with a not so good finance. However I was on my way to making the income I wanted. I was given the book called millionaire next door by the lady I was living with and I read it which was such a eye opener into the lives of the poor, middle class, working class and the wealthy. You can read it on my Facebook group called DYNAMIC ENTREPRENEURS. I was then advised to read the rich dad poor dad by Robert kiyosaki which is also on my Facebook group Dynamic Entrepreneurs which was equally a eye opener on the work ethic and thought pattern of the poor and the wealthy. I began to put into practice what I learnt in order to become financially literate. I started to save even more than I did. I continued to invest in my books and other business that will create me more wealth. I opened a premium bonds account as a way of saving a hundred percent of mine and my children's income. I cut down my expenditure by shopping only during sales and clearance sales. I shopped for most of my food at reduced prices and I cooked more at home rather than eating out. The discipline came in a hard way when one day, I went shopping with the real entrepreneur and we had to buy a flask for my son and she refused to by it from the store we were in and suggested that we should check the store next door and I was low key annoyed with her. So we went next door and to my surprise the same flask was cheaper and she bought it from there. When we arrived home, she said that she noticed I was upset with her, did I think that she was not going to buy the flask? Was her question and I said I knew she would buy the flask but I was upset that she did not buy it from where we were and instead would go looking for the same thing in another store. However I now realise that it was the sensible thing to do as she saved a bit of money on the item. She asked me if I shopped like that and I said no, I only do it when it comes to clothes but I will now begin doing it with everything. She said that is how she managed to do what she does and save for her family over the years. Once I put that into practice, I was able to pay off a significant amount of debt because I had money to spare every week which is banter for my next blog. I managed to get most things that I would need to refurbish our home and even put a deposit in my premium bonds account as well as publish my books and prepare for my next set of books which was my goal for the year. It does not mean we went without because we still had money to spend on quality time activities but even that did not have to cost us a ton of money either. We take advantage of reduced activity prices and free ones too within our community and outside of our city. WHERE TO SHOP. tescos have reduced food items every evening and so does asda. They have reduced house hold item etc also marked with yellow stickers which you can take advantage of. Marks and Spencer have sales and clearance sales which you can get clothes as cheap as pennies. Next have sales but they also have clearance stores which is even cheaper than the sales prices. Boots have jewellery sales etc which are really good quality. You can check out Groupon for holidays and outings at cheap prices. Tesco card can save you flight money or shopping money when you accumulate the points from your shopping. The same with boots, you can save your points and use to purchase other items. Barclays now have their own blue card too for collecting points from other stores. HAVE FUN WORKING ON BECOMING A REAL ENTREPRENEUR WITH THE LIFESTYLE ATTACHED

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