this year I started putting together a book called PLANTING FOR FOOD for families and individuals who want to grow their own food. Being from a family with agricultural background and being Ugandan for that matter, I was used to having home grown food until I came to the UK and realised that a majority of people just buy all their food and only a few grow their own. However I bumped into a person who reintroduced me to growing my own food and that is where the whole idea of writing this book came from. I had a go at growing my own strawberries which did well and then I tried some herbs but that failed as I did not attend to them much. I have included in the book fruits, vegetables and herbs that can be grown outdoors for those of you with spacious gardens. In the mean time you can check out which ones can be grown at this time of the year on my instagram page @anneheinpochen or my twitter @anneochen or my Facebook page whilst you wait for the release of the book which will be in book stores, amazon and my online store. Do share pictures of what you have grown with me and let me know how they went. 

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