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This year I started putting together my book called PLANTING FOR FOOD which will cater for families or individuals who want to grow their own food. I have included a section on indoor gardening for those of you who may want to grow your own food but only have a limited amount of outdoor space. I also included fruits, vegetables and herbs that you can grow indoors or both indoors and outdoors so that you can alternate between seasons. I recently found already grown herbs and vegetables from home sense store that are already packaged as gifts for those of you who are looking for gifts for the gardeners or farmers in your life, they will make the perfect gift. In the mean time you can find a few herbs and vegetables that you can grow indoors at this time of the year on my instagram page @anneheinpochen or on my twitter @anneochen or on my Facebook page. Do share pics of what you have grown from my collection and let me know how it went. 

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