So I have always been a foodie and I must admit that I like to try food from different countries. I have tried food from Uganda, Nigeria, Liberia, Scotland, Congo, Italy, China, India, Ghana, Kenya, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Morocco and many more countries. Therefore I decided to put together recipe book series with a lot of the food that I have tried. I have even included a weaning section for the little ones because of being a mum and there is a section of how to deal with fussy eaters in the book too. I have a few recipes on my instagram page @anneheinpochen or you can see them on my twitter or Facebook page while you wait for the release of the books which will be in amazon, book stores and on my online store. Do share the pics of the one you have tried and let me know how it was. in the second book I included food from Scotland, kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe, france and a whole chapter on sweet treats. I also have a chapter on the nutritional value of the food eaten in these countries so that the people are educated on the natural minerals of the food they have in their own contry as a way of combating the issue of mineral deficiency.

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