Hi there. Welcome to my blog post. I hope this one helps you out as I applied these tips myself and they worked for me. A few years ago I really wanted to work for myself after looking for work in my field and could not get it despite being qualified for the positions. So I worked as a self employed individual for a while in my child care business then I was introduced to a network marketing opportunity by a friend and I joined. So I built my business every week and I did earn a bit of money but little did I know that I could still claim a percentage of housing benefit. I did not do so and I got into rental areas which meant that debt was piling up and it got to the point of me loosing my home which I did. Not only that but because I did not know how to do self assessment tax return for my business, I got into even more debt. Things were already bad enough because if you are on benefits you would know that they cut it off so often and recalculate it again and again which means you miss payments on rents, bills etc. That alone was enough to make me want to come out of the system. So I continued to work on my businesses. I later started to study the bible in the area of finance and coming out of debt. So I shared it with my Facebook group which was called mumpreneurs and papreneurs at the time (now known as Dynamic Entrepreneurs). But in 2017 I did not want the principles to remain theory only. So I began to apply it. I started to save some money for me and my children. We all got separate savings account. I then started to invest some of the money I would make from my business as well as the benefits. I got into the discipline very well but I still had a long way to go. I was advised by a cousin of mine to contact a company to consolidate all my debt into manageable payments and then let them know how much I earn and how much I spend. I contacted them but they never called me back. So I had to quickly think what to do next. The bills were piling up and that was so stressful. I then decided that rather than avoiding to pay or respond to the companies I owed. That I would actually apply the same principles as the debt consolidators do and learn from it to live within my means. So I got all the letters and I began to set standing orders with my bank and they were all on a weekly payment. To my surprise the debts began to shrink with each payment I made. I was able to save also and the savings helped when I had to make large payments in order to set up larger payments especially with debt collectors. My highest payment was 50 pounds  a week and my lowest was 10 pounds to start off with. I learnt a lot from a lady I was living with and that helped me to cut down my weekly expenses and focus on paying off what I owed. I made it a goal to become debt free by the end of the year. Even though I have not yet hit my target, I am very close to becoming debt free and I have learnt to live within my means and also my businesses have began to pick up which means I will soon be out of the system. If you are in debt and would like to come out of it, do something like I did and pay it off a little bit at a time. You will be shocked what ten pounds can do once a week. 

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