When to buy income property

The best time to buy income property is when the housing market is threatened with a crash like the recent brexit House price rise threat. This is because most people would be selling their properties and you can even get something for a cheaper price during this kind of period.  WHO SHOULD MANAGE MY INCOME PROPERT I looked around and I saw signs in front of houses saying that they are let by agencies and I spoke to an income property owner in regards to property management. She suggested that the best thing to do is to manage your property yourself but you should get an agency to get the tenants for you as they would vet them to make sure that they meet your criteria I. E family, working professionals, non smokers etc. She went on to further say that agencies do not often do a good job of managing properties for landlords. They only take the management fee but then end up not doing the job. I must admit I have heard that several times even from tenants who have rented properties from them. 

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