I had this dream and in it I saw that I was being told to have Bortion and I kept refusing. Later on I was on a platform I front of an abortion clinic trying to stop the mums who were pregnant from going into to clinic to abort their babies. When I woke up from the vision I felt led to share my story. When I was younger I had abortion because I was told to do it by my family. You can read more about it in my book TAKE OFF THE MASK BE YOU STOP PRETENDING. the second time I was faced with that decision was when I was pregnant with my daughter but I refused to do it. The third time I was faced with it again, it was when I was pregnant with my son but I did not do it either. Now I know that many women are forced to have abortion for many reasons and that is not a solution though at the time it may seem like it. It does not take away the fact that you are a mum but the only difference is that your child is not there. You always wonder what they would have looked like and what gender they would have been and what they would have accomplished in the earth as each of us are born with a purpose to fulfill. I know that in many nations women are told to abort their children as a way of population control with China being one of them and in other nations such as India women are forced to abort their children because of gender preference. In the UK on the other hand I found out that women have abortion because they cannot bear the thought of loosing their child through forced adoption if they have a history of their children being taken off them by the local authorities. In essence when women are forced to have abortion not only are you putting their lives at risk because they could die in the process but you are also living them in a traumatic state and you are robbing the nation of people who were meant to make impact in the earth. Imagine if Usain bolt's mother decides to abort him, we would have been robbed of the greatest athlete of our time. You can read the biblical aspect of why abortion is wrong in areas that talks about the shedding of innocent blood. 

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