So you have had the baby and now comes the midwives with their a hundred to one questions and if you  have not given any thought to some of them, it can be quite daunting. so my advice to you is to think about how you are going to feed your baby especially as the days of labour gets closer. this will help you to prepare in advance. I would advice mixed feeds where you give the baby both formula milk and breast milk. this is because you get to give your nipples a break even if you are using the nipple cream to soothe your nipples.

you can express your breast milk and store it to use in a feeding bottle if you prefer that instead of the mixed feed.

I got asked a question by a first time mum on how to increase her breast milk production and I remembered a scenario of another first time mum. the midwife advised her to drink lots of water. so that is what I would suggest to you also if your milk is low. although it is normal to be so in the first few days after you have given birth. I would also advice you to eat even if it is small portions of food frequently (food restricted diet or weight loss programmes are not advisable for breast feeding mums as they decrease your milk flow).

you would need the following even if you are breast feeding only because it would help you to include your partner in the baby's feeding routine and also for your comfort in your mummy routine etc:

feeding bottles


breast pads

nipple cream

breast pump to help you express your milk

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