so I was pondering on Hollywood since seeing on the news yesterday that another actor was found dead in his hotel. the more I pondered on it, the more the Holy Spirit began to remind me about this sphere of influence. it's like people do not really care about what happens to the actors and actresses after they leave the film set. but did you know that they also have issues like you and I. in fact their issues are even worse because they do not have people to turn to when they are going through them. I was reminded of a vision God showed me a few months ago and I believe this is a key that will bring change to the individual people in Hollywood

in the vision I was in a room and the room was a large one. on one side of the room were people who I believe to be the church and on the other side of the room were people who were individuals but sat as a group. I left the church side of the room and went to the group of individuals and I began to pray for one particular individual. then I began to here all the other individuals in the group say their issues out loud to themselves but it felt like they were expecting me to give them answers to solve these issues. I saw a prominent actor who was walking up and down but he did not know what to do for these people. then I woke up.

from this vision I knew that Hollywood actors and actresses are on the heart of God and that it is time for those of us called to this mountain to begin to go and release the solutions that God has placed within us for their issues.

as I pondered on this matter today I was reminded of an interview I watched of one of my favourite actors. he was talking about his relationship with God over the years and how God would remind him of what his mum used to teach him from the bible. what really touched my heart was the fact that he said that he is not allowed to share his faith in Hollywood because the people in Hollywood do not care about that. but I believe that they are going to begin to care when we as Christians come out of the silence mode and begin to reach out to them one person at a time. when they see the result in one person you have ministered to, they will be drawn to it and they will want to experience that same liberty. that is why there is power in reaching the one.

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