at school and nursery gates. In the malls and even on social media screens. There you will find me. On street corners. in bars and even restaurants. There, I guarantee you will find me. I don't look like your average Joe. No! not at all. I may be young or even old. My gender doesn't matter and neither does my skin tone. I am in a room even at the hotel. Some dogey and groggy with cage and chains. With little girls in it labelled. Labelled as my slaves. With little boys too. Some even as old as two. There you will find me. I am in plain sight. they call my hanging out spot brothels or adult entertainment. I even take a flight to find my prey. And do you know what my lines are? They are many because I carefully study the need of my prey. For some my line is I here is money. For another my line is here is some candy. To the next my line is I am hiring for my business abroad and I would like to employ you. And to another I might be a boyfriend because I know they need love. Am constantly pimping my prey. Using them like objects for money. To satisfy the craving of addicts. Yes I said addicts! Addicts to porn found all over the world. Be it in your nice little magazines or even on screens and yes your tapes too. even the ones who seem to be enjoying what they do, are manipulated by me or battered and bruised to fulfil a duty that makes them cringe. the little ones stay groomed while making my money by selling flowers. So the next time you here that a child has gone missing just know it might be me who paid them a visit. #humantraficking #educateyoungones #educatefamilies #POEM

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