Ziporah is a woman in the bible who was married to a great man of God called moses. now she was not from a lineage where they worshipped the liiving God. they worshipped idols where she comes from which means that moses married her aganst God’s will. as God’s children the bible clearly warns us not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers. this is because they often hinder us from fully obeying God and they can cause us to adopt their ungodly traditions. this was the case for moses when he married Ziporah.

Moses decided that he was not going to circumcise his sons even though God had commanded it to be done us a sign of the covenant between him and his people throughout the generations. now that brings me to the actual point of me writing the note. the bible lets us know that God nearly struck Moses dead one day as moses and his family were travelling which was the consequence of his disobedience towards God in regards to not circumcising his sons. add scripture

However, God spared him because Ziporah immediately cut off the foreskin of their son and threw it at moses’ feet add scripture. the point is that ziporah obeyed God dispite her discomfort of circumcsing her son and the fact that it was not the norm for her. Her action not only caused God to spare Moses but because Moses was spared her dad was able to come to salvation a few chpters later because he saw the goodness of God and heard all the good things that God had done for Moses and his family whilst they were in a new town.

My question to you is would you do that which is beyond the norm in order to allow God to move through you. would you go beyond the status quo of your tradition to allow God to work on behalf of others. everyday we are faced with such decisions and i believe we are pl

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