Anne Hein P'ochen·Thursday, 18 February 2016

gratitude is such a powerful attitude to have. not just towards people but even towards God. lately I have been going through some stuff and as I began to engage in prayer about the issues I was facing. then the Lord led me to read the book of Deuteronomy where it talks about how God delivered His people out of bondage. I would pray the points that stood out in scripture over my situation. then it got to a point where the people were grambling and complaining about having been set free only to end up in a place of lack. that is when I heard the word grateful.

so I began to hank God about what He has done in my lfe and the life of the people I was standing in the gap for in prayer. I began to fill a joy in my heart because I could see the faithfulness of God in my life and the lives of the people I was praying for.

then I remembered that grambling and comlaining s what stopped a whole generation from enetering into the land they had been promised by God. not only that, it even caused their leader wo was chosen by God to lead them into that land of promise not to enter into it either. he only got to see it from a far and God told him that he will not go into that land and that someone else would take the position of leading the new generation into the land promised to their ancestors. gratitude keeps you in a place of faith and hope because it reminds you of the goodness of God that you have experienced in times past.

comlaining only negates your prayers and stops you from seeing the goodness of God which can rob you of your God given promises. so as you pray and wait o God to bring you out of your wilderness situation, remember to maintain a heart of gratitude towards Him and towards the people He uses as His instruments in your process

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