Some people move from relationship to relationship. They experience all kinds of terrible things and end up facing unwanted consequences because of those relationships. It is not just women who go through men go through it too. What are they looking for in those relationships that they are not getting. Clearly it's not sex otherwise they would have stuck to one person. It definately is not material things because some come into the relationship well sorted materialistically. See I was void of the answer to this very question myself and I used to have the same experience of moving from relationship to relatiobship. I thought it was because I was addicted to sex but that was not it. It was not the material possessions because I had more than some of the guys I dated. I found out the answer when God took me back to those days and gave me a glimpse of what I looked like. I was focused on what I was looking for and if the man I was looking at did not have it I would move on to the next guy and the next guy until I got fed up and stopped but before going to the next person, I found out that it is because of love that I was moving from one person to the next. Love is what we are all looking for and without it we are left with a void that cannot be filled by anybody. We can only get love from God with which we can love each other. But what happens when both parties come with empty tanks? They then expect each other to fill that void in their tank and when unable to be done, friction in the relationship arises and breakups happen. The love you are looking for is unconditional, it's consistent and not dependent on what you do or do not do. When a person has this kind of love in them, they are able to look beyond your flaws and love you anyway until change takes place in you. When two people in a relationship have this love, they are able to overcome frictions that arises without the need of breaking up. God recently gave me a glimpse into a relationship of a couple who were going through friction. The man was just going on and on and on at his wife. He went on to the point that he thought the solution was to break up which seems to be the case for most people nowadays. However, the person I was walking with nudged me and told me to go and share with this man the love of God. I was a little hesitant because I did not think he would understand. I eventually walked up to him and asked him about love and I talked to him about Jesus and he began to smile. there was a change in his countenance. Love disarms anger, fear,frustration and everything else that proves to be difficult in our lives. That is why the Bible says love overcomes all things

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