For years there has been cases going on about Homosexuality from nation to nation. it seems to be getting worse and the people are becoming more open about their sexuality. it has got to the point where there has been laws put in place to support homosexuality in many nations. now we know that the people are not the problem but rather it is the act that is a sin which God hates. however, that is not the reason for this post. lately it has gone as far as the government wanting it to be taught in schools and churches to even conduct gay marriages.

the agenda is not that they want homosexuals to fit in within the community, they are already in the community if you notice. the real agenda is that the enemy wants homosexuality to be the norm of every society. this is why they have put laws in place such as gay rights and even Ofsted wants every school to teach children about it as part of the school curriculum etc. however, it is not normal as it goes against the normal human design and the moral standard intended by God for man kind. now what is the solution to this issue, some of you may ask? while I do not agree with homosexuals being persecuted like they do in many nations. I also believe that we should not allow the Spirit behind it to take ground in the nations to become the norm whether it is through gay, lesbianism, transgender or bisexuality. we should rise up as God's people and pray against this pervasion and continue to teach our children about the moral standard God expects for us as man kind.

we should also pray for those who are bound by that spirit of pervasion and minister deliverance to them as God opens up their heart to desire freedom. I know that God is able to set the homosexual person free because He has set many free including myself. so prayer, teaching of the word of God in this area and ministering deliverance as and when opportunity presents itself is the key to making sure the homosexual agenda does not become the norm of every nation

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