There are so many ways of letting people know about your business and they do not all have to cost you loads of money. I remember spending so much money on flyers for my child minding business and it was not bringing me the returns I wanted. there was a few responses from it here and there but I needed to do more. then I discovered that word of mouth worked faster as a way of marketing my business. so every time a parent asked me what I do, I told them exactly what I do and I found that they recommended my services to other people within the areas I wanted to provide my service for.

I later discovered the advantage of media as a way of business marketing and I took advantage of it. from facebook to youtube, you name it, I created profiles as well as pages for my businesses. this gave me a wider target audience and people from different parts of the world became interested in what I do especially when the pictures reflected what they do also and some of their interests.

and yesterday I was reminded of a marketing tip that I have found to work great for quite a lot of businesses. it is attending events within your local community or the area that you intend to build your business in. it was carnival yesterday and it was the first time that I attended a carnival. I saw many acts pass by but I also saw many business owner hand out flyers for their businesses. from Tai Kwando club to Gymnastic club and lots more including snack and drinks vendors. this reminded me of a time when I used to run a network marketing business and I would attend such events which I sometimes had to pay a small fee for but they were worth it because I got contacts of other business owners, venues etc which I now use for my traditional businesses.

as an entrepreneur who has tried a few marketing strategies and experienced both the pros and cons of each marketing strategy, I would recommend that you try these out and find the one that works best for your business. these are just a few that they normally suggest to Aspiring Entrepreneurs who are in the process of putting their business plans together.

Do keep an eye out for my manual which should be out soon (THE PURPOSE OF IT ALL PENETRATING THE SYSTEMS OF THIS WORLD). It has great tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs and templates for starting traditional businesses in different industries etc.

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