so we have known about terrorist groups attacking people in nations such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Nigeria just to mention a few nations. however, over the years we have seen these attacks escalate to other nations such as America and the uk.

I used to hear of such attacks and I used to wonder why it happens and like most people I was naïve about the issue. until God began to lead me to share the Gospel with muslim people and to pray for them too. I must admit that I was scared to share the Gospel with them because of fear of what they might do to me until when one day God said to me to turn my heart towards them and to pray for them so that the strong hold of DECEPTION could be broken off them. I began to pray for them and the more I prayed, the more I encountered them and was led to talk to them about Jesus. the problem was not that they are not receptive of prayer or of Jesus, the problem was that they were not receptive of the message of salvation.

so I went further to ask a man of God on how to witness to these people and his advice was that they believe in signs and wonders as well as good deeds which is one of the ways to reach out to them. he went on further to say that I should have some sort of understanding about their faith as that will help me to engage with them.

after that conversation, I went to my local library and asked the librarian for aa quaran but t they did not have any in stock but she was willing to lend me hers. i took the quaran from her and I began to read it and to my horror it confirmed everything as to why Islamic terrorists do what they do (carry out attacks on Christians and non-Islamic people groups) of which they call infidels. they will disagree with you about this in debates because some of them do not read the quaran for themselves but some know the truth about it because they are trained to carry out terror attacks from childhood. I remember watching a children's cartoon which is aired in the middle east for children and it showed exactly the acts of terror that we see being carried out today. they do it because their Quaran says that they will be rewarded for these acts.

now the reason why am sharing this with you is so that you are aware that it is not a government issue, it is not even a people issue but rather a spiritual issue which requires prayers. people in the UK have been oblivious about this issue for so long and it is scary that even the body of Christ gets shocked when these things happen. yes there are people who God has spoken to about this problem on terror but they are silenced most of the time. I remember in 2015/2016 I saw a vision in regards to this issue and then God said clearly that there will be a sudden up rise. I was very shocked even more so as I see these things beginning to unfold before our very eyes. I saw a vision and in the vision it was night time. the whole neighbourhood was sleeping and it was very quiet. then I saw myself outside fighting with men who were dressed in black and they were attacking people in cars and harming them with machete. then I saw people in a big house with so many rooms but the house was lite on fire by these men and I began to shout to wake people up. people began to run out of the building. I saw others praying to God intensely and when I went back outside I continued to be attacked by the men but I kept asking myself within who are these people? that is when I saw the back of what they were wearing written in red ISIS. At that moment I remembered that my daughter was still in the burning building sleeping. I managed to wake her up and come out of the building and that is when I woke up from the vision.

the vision depicts some of the scenarios that we see when these terrorist attacks happen. but I remember seeing different people who I believe represent their cities in the UK within that burning building. I saw a person from Scotland, London and the midlands.

I share this so that we in the UK are aware of what is at hand and that we should pray as well as be strategically prepared on how to handle this issue of terror attacks. check out this teaching by RIG NATION

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