there are so many instances in scripture where we see the impact of God's people praying together in agreement for God to deal with a particular matter. whether for the whole community, a particular people group or for even an individual.

for example in the book of Esther when she gathered the people of God to fast and pray so that the King's decree to anaialete the whole Jewish community could be reverted and justice served to the Jewish people who were actually innocent.

or in the case of Jehoshaphat and the Israelites coming together and seeking the face of God so that they could win the battle against the armies that were after them.

what about the case of the church praying for Paul and Silas to be released from prison or the centurion agreeing with Jesus' prayer for his sick servant.

the point that am trying to make is that there is power in us coming together as God's people to pray on issues that affect us and our communities at large. this coming together could be even as nations coming together in one accord to seek the face of God on matters that affect their community. I say this because a few months ago I saw a vision of believers in the UK and in America gathered together in their nations at one time and the people were praying but it was not effective until one woman rose up and said that we should all agree on one thing. as we began to pray about one issue, there was such an impact in both nations. that is when I woke up knowing that our gathering and praying together as a people in one accord really does make a difference.

with that being said, I believe that we should not just wait when really huge events take place that affects a nation or a large number of people before we come together to pray about the issue for example terror attacks that have been occurring in the UK lately or the murders that have been taking place in America or even the abductions and the killings of people by terror groups in Iraq, Afghanistan and Nigeria to mention a few nations. rather we should make it a daily habit of gathering together as a people and praying because it is in that place that God shows us things to pray against or to pray for in advance.

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